Dr. Varga Ákos


He specializes in corporate law and real estate law. He has many years of experience in everyday business life in various legal disputes and litigation. In addition, he regularly provides legal advice and acts as a defense attorney in connection with economic crimes.

Pogány László

Független Pénzügyi Szakértő

Our independent financial expert is connected to all major banks and will help you find the best financial product for you and manage the entire administration process free of charge. Loan, CSOK, insurance, baby support, loan repayment or savings.  

Balogh Brigitta

Interior designer

Our interior designer with more than 12 years of practical experience aims to make your work easier. Whether it's construction, renovation, interior design, interior design
or all of these together. We save time for our customers. The client plans, builds, arranges and remodels the desired property as much as possible. It constantly follows the current trends, using them will make your home unique.